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July 19 2013
Posted by Hot Porn Pics  [ 08:13 ]
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May 02 2013
Posted by Hot Porn Pics  [ 08:46 ]
GirlsForMatures for
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August 09 2011
Posted by sultancash  [ 11:53 ]

My Wifes Mom - Paying for his sins

Wife and her mother were watching the telly while husband was fucking about the house. The in-law heard some noise in her room and went to check it out. What do you think? The guy was stealing cash from her wallet! She was furious. He could not get away with it. A couple of threats, and there he is, following every order she makes. And you know this kind of orders! She was riding his fat meat like crazy when it was wife's turn to hear noises. She entered the room, and it was double trouble for the dude!

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May 25 2011
Posted by sultancash  [ 00:00 ]

My Wifes Mom - Unexpected ending for kink

The wife and hubby were up to something special. They were getting it on and then the wife cuffed him to the bed! Everything was just fine, and then bzzzz, doorbell. Her mother came, sniffed the air filled with fucking, and had a plan straight away. Watch her send the daughter away on some errand and grab her opportunity. The husband was trying to protest, but what could he do, cuffed? She used his meaty cock in every way she wanted and had his cum all over her crotch. Then the wife came and got so damn pissed!

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May 23 2011
Posted by sultancash  [ 00:00 ]

My Wifes Mom - The in-law's sinful agenda

It was meant to be his first meeting with his future wife's mother. He brought some flowers, he was a nice man after all. Too bad he could not resist the temptation! Watch the sleazy-minded in-law, or should we say, in-law-to-be, send her daughter to get some drinks and shamelessly seduce the guy. He was shocked, but his meaty buddy just wasn't. The lady got his thick cock from every possible angle and ate the entire load in the end. Oh, and then came the wife-to-be. Damn! At least she had the flowers to thrash both of them with!

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March 08 2011
Posted by sultancash  [ 11:34 ]

My Wifes Mom - A reward for some hard work

It was the furniture moving day. The husband was not especially excited, yet he had to do it all. All of a sudden, he felt severe pain in his back. The wife rushed to the pharmacy while her mom got busy massaging the aching region. She must have got too close to the sexy areas! The two felt chemistry between them, and the fat bitch started eating his growing shaft. They got carried away and spent quite a while fucking like damn rabbits! Imagine what a scene it was when wife came back from the drugstore!

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November 30 2010
Posted by sultancash  [ 09:35 ]

My Wifes Mom - Shower inspires sin with in-law

Wife is out and the guy is busy watching the idiot box. The relaxation is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's his in-law, damn it! Asking whether she can shower at their place. You never argue with the old bitch, so the guy just lets her in. Fresh out of the shower, wrapped in a towel around her gems, she enters the room - and his pecker gets hard. She lights a cancer stick and gets even sexier. Next thing he knows, he has his fat shaft buried deep in his wife's mom! And yes, his better half came a bit later...

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October 24 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 20:22 ]

World Mature

Angelina’s son had been in college for three years and over that time Angelina had played the good mom taking him and his roommate snacks and care packages all the time. Angelina’s son’s roommate would often come over to her place and meet up with her son to go out and do stuff since her house was a half way point between his job and their dorm room. Well one day when Darren went over to wait for Angelina’s son he got there a full hour early and Angelina ended up keeping him very entertained!

At first the two of them just sat on the couch but then one thing led to another and they started to touch each other, at first it was just teasing but it soon turned in to a lot more. Darren ran his hand up her thigh and she ran her hand over his beefy dick and within minutes Darren had his fat dick stuffed deep in to her aged vagina. Darren knew that he shouldn’t be fucking her but she certainly knew what she was doing and as she rode his ramrod he was sure that she was going to make him explode in seconds!

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October 20 2010
Posted by sultancash  [ 21:54 ]

My Wifes Mom - Porn-loving granny

Though his in-law had this nerdy teacher look, she was not particularly good with computers. She asked her daughter's hubby to help her set up the webcam. God, that laptop was full of porn! The stud realized it could be a cool pretext to seduce her - and it worked! See him handle the porn-loving granny in all sorts of ways, stuff her face with cock and do her smooth older snatch on the table. He creamed her crotch and left thinking he could use this weakness of her just one more time.

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October 13 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:27 ]

Mature Debutants

Betty has always been a hard worker and it had taken quite some convincing to get her new boss to hire her over a lot of the younger candidates but she promised him something that the other candidates didn’t seem to want to do. Betty promised her new boss that she would be willing to do absolutely anything that it took to get the job and with a boss as pervy as her new boss that was all that it took to guarantee her the job.

Betty hadn’t even shown up for her first day at the office when she heard a knock on her door. Opening the door she found her new boss standing there with a naughty smile on his face. Betty let him in and asked if there was anything she had done to make him change his mind, she had no idea that her new boss was there to collect on something else! Soon enough though Betty found herself flat on her back on the sofa with her legs spread and her juicy love bud was begging for his ramrod. Betty couldn’t believe what she was doing but it certainly did feel good!

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October 12 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 14:37 ]

Mature Lessons

Leah had been friends with Tammy for a long time, in fact she’d been the one that introduced her to Ian and they’d been dating ever since! Leah knew that Tammy wasn’t exactly aged in the bedroom so she made sure to tell her that any time she felt like she could use a pointer or two that she should ask. Tammy was embarrassed to ask but at the same time she wanted to make sure that she was keeping Ian happy so she decided to invite Leah over one night to ask her some tips on giving blow jobs while Ian was watching football in the bedroom.

Leah told Tammy that she could train her more efficiently if Ian was willing to whip out his dick! Well Tammy and Ian were a bit unsure but when Leah stripped out of her shirt and flashed her big milk shakes Ian changed his mind and Tammy followed suit. Leah had them lay on the bed and she took Ian’s already obese penis in her hand and started to show Tammy how to tease him with her lips and her tongue. Tammy took hold of that weenie and popped it between her lips and did just as Leah told her.

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September 28 2010
Posted by sultancash  [ 22:05 ]

My Wifes Mom - Wife shops, her mom humps

The hottie loves shopping even if it's sometimes just window shopping. Her mother was staying at the house that day, and while the wife was shopping around, her hubby and his in-law were having drinks back at the apartment. At one point, the wife popped in at their place to complain about a sore spot on her foot. Her toes looked gorgeous with those red nails, and the tipsy hubby got a boner. She left, and her mom took advantage. Watch the ultra-busty bitch ride her daughter's spouse and eat his entire load!

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